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Cargo Guidelines

Prior to sending a shipment it is useful to familiarize yourself with some matters related to air cargo. On this page you can find information on export shipments from Finland, customs clearance and live animal shipments.

For further information on export shipments from Finland please contact Cargo Contact Center. On import matters you can turn to our Terminal Customer Service.  Customers in other countries can contact our local Sales/Reservations - for contact information please select location from the drop down menu on the left

Export Shipments

Prior to taking an export shipment to the Terminal Customer Service desk at Finnair Cargo Center, customers have to make an advance booking by calling the Cargo Contact Center. The Terminal Customer Service issues air waybills (AWBs) and verifies that the shipment is acceptable for air transportation. For private customers the Terminal Customer Service fills out the AWB as per the information given by the customer in the Shipper’s Letter of Instructions for Carriage by Air (pdf).

The AWB is the contract of transportation between the customer and the airline company. The Conditions of Conctract are shown on the reverse side of the AWB document. Finnair Cargo’s General Conditions of Carriage are part of the contract and they can be found on the Cargo Documents page, which also shows the Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods and Shipper’s Certification for Live Animals.

Airfreight acceptance times for transportation in Helsinki

The export freight booked on Finnair flights must be delivered for transportation as follows.

Narrow bodied aircrafts: 4h before departure
Wide bodied aircrafts: 5h before departure
Freighter flights: 7h before departure
Land transportation (road feeder services): 5h before departure
Domestic cargo: Please check with Jetpak

Customs Clearance

For shipments to/from NON-EU countries the sender must take care of the applicable customs proceedings with the Finnish Customs (Customs Information Service tel. corporate customers and forwarding agents: +358 295 5202,  private customers: +358 295 5201). A Customs office is located in our terminal building (entrance D).

Live Animal Shipments

The terminal also has an area for the Border Inspection Veterinarians to conduct the air cargo related inspections of live animals or products of animal origin. Customers sending such cargo must always pre-order the services of a Border Inspection Veterinarian (see Evira staff search and search by "rajaeläinlääkäri") . Information on transportation of live animals can be found on Finnair Cargo Animal Transportation pages or on Evira’s (Finnish Food Safety Authority) web pages.


Arrival notifications for import cargo are sent to private customers (in Finland only) primarily by email. Therefore, the consignee's email address should be visible on the air waybill (AWB). If the consignee does not have an email address, the arrival notification can be delivered by phone.

For further information please contact:  
Note! If you are picking up a package weighing 4000 kg or more, please inform us well in advance by contacting Finnair Customer Service at Helsinki cargo terminal as we need to arrange a special forklift truck for moving such extra heavy pieces. 

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