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荷送人には動物輸送申告書(Shipper's Certification for Live Animals)など、全ての必要書類の提出と、IATAによる規約の遵守が義務付けられます。なお、動物輸送に関する規約は国により異なる場合があります。事前に輸送先国の領事館等でご確認ください。

動物輸送に関する必要条件は IATA Live Animal Regulations よりご確認いただけます。

また、動物の輸送用ケージに関する規約はIATA Traveler’s Pet Corner – Shipping your dog or cat



Many animals can be sent by air freight. The transportation of live animals requires; however, always advance bookings for the transportation route, which may include intermediate landings. The advance bookings to International destinations should be made not later than two weeks before the desired transportation date and to domestic destinations approximately a week before transportation.

The shipper is responsible for providing all the necessary documents (e.g. Shipper's Certification for Live Animals) and for complying with all the regulations set by IATA. You can find the exact pre-requisites set for transport in the IATA Live Animal Regulations. For regulations concerning shipments of pets please see the summary of applicable rules published by IATA: Traveler's Pet Corner - Shipping your dog or cat.

Every country may also have its own regulations and rules, and the easiest way to find out the regulations of a certain country is to contact the local consulate of the country in question.

For further information please contact Finnair Cargo Reservations

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