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● 路線に合わせた最適な機材で運航。

● 最も効率の良い離着陸時のタキシング。

● 最短飛行ルートを採用するとともに、気象状況に基づく最も効率的な飛行速度および高度を選定。

● 旅客および貨物の搭載効率を最大限にするとともに、シート素材をはじめケータリングおよびサービス内容を精査し、機体の軽量化を実現。

● CDA(連続降下進入方式)の採用。ヘルシンキ空港上空での着陸待機などによる燃料消費および排出ガス削減を目指す「グリーンアプローチ」をFINAVIA(フィナヴィア社=空港運営会社)と協同して実施。 

● 上屋で使用する各種資材の収集と再利用(プラスティック・木材プラットフォーム)。

● 地上作業車両の排出ガス削減:最新の排出ガス規制をクリアした車両、電気フォークリフトの利用、アイドリング禁止。

● 事務所内:一般ネットワーク・プリンターの利用、ゴミ分別処理、テレックス通信の電子フォーマット化(2009年)。




Direct flights, short routes and practical airport are more ecofriendly!

Decreasing the environmental burden of the industry enables further growth of air travel and air freight in the future.

The cornerstones of Finnair's environmental operations are a modern, low-emission fleet and the shortest routes between continents. Customers can impact the amount of emissions their flight creates by choosing an airline with a modern fleet and direct routes.

Thanks to Helsinki's geographical position Finnair offers its customers the most direct flights between Europe and Asia, via Helsinki.

In addition to shortest routes, Finnair's home hub, the functional Helsinki Airport, is known for short distances, which enable more eco-friendly ground operations.

Environmental actions:

  •  Choice of aircraft is optimized and the best possible aircraft is selected for each route.
  •  Taxiing is optimized at the airports.
  •  Optimal speed and height are selected as well as the shortest possible route, taking winds into account.
  •  Passenger & cargo load factor is maximized and weight of the aircraft minimized (seats, catering and service onboard).
  •  CDA – continuous descent approach. ”Green approach” cooperation in Helsinki with Finavia from 2001.
  • Collection and recycling of warehouse materials (plastic, wooden platforms).
  • Reduction of ground operation vehicles emissions: vehicles compliant with latest emissions regulations, electric forklift trucks in use, idle running forbidden.
  • In the office: common network printers in use, separate waste baskets for office paper, telex traffic to be changed from paper format to electronic format in 2009.

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