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Order Finnair Cargo RSS feeds

We offer RSS feeds of bulletins and news published on our web site. Feeds allow you to get the latest Finnair Cargo headlines automatically to your reader. Ordering RSS feeds is easy and free of charge.  


What is RSS?

RSS, Really Simple Syndication, is used to publish frequently updated data on the internet. The RSS reader enables you to follow content from different web services without having to visit the publisher’s website. By ordering the feed, RSS collects the latest news headlines and updates to a chosen location. This way, you don’t have to visit each site to know if they have added some new materials on them. The RSS feed symbol is  

How to follow RSS feeds?

You can follow the RSS feeds with several different readers. You can add a feed to the reader by clicking the feed link on your web browser or by copying the feed address to the reader.

Popular readers:

Also most modern mobile phones have a RSS reader or you can download one.

Using Finnair Cargo RSS feeds on sites

You are allowed to use the Finnair Cargo RSS feeds on non-commercial websites. The attribution text should read "Finnair Cargo". Using the feeds on commercial sites requires permission from Finnair Cargo.


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